What We Do

Program Management

We shape, build and deliver

Your vision through direct mail.

Yes, it's true our foundation began with commercial printing, and on a given day you might find us printing a million pieces of direct mail for one job with one client. But there's a good reason why you no longer see "press" printed in our name.

Today, we're a multifaceted organization with great skill in managing a complete direct mail program for you. Printing is but one facet of our work. Peek inside our premises and you'll be amazed at the automation, intelligence, technology and relationships that make our Program Management the best in the direct mail business.

Our vision of direct mail begins with your vision. Tell us what you want to ship, what you want to say, how you want to say it and where you want to mail it. We'll make sure your customers catch your vision in all its resplendent glory.

Program Management flows from our account managers to our customer service representatives, data programmers, printing staff and logistics personnel. They'll introduce you to our quality control, production and shipping solutions that are unique in the direct mail industry for their completeness, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Our Case Studies give you a great glimpse of our capabilities. For banking, consumer and entertainment corporations with complex data requirements, we produce high-quality direct mail with weekly, daily, even on-demand frequency. It's not a question of whether your customers get their personalized direct mail on time, it's a question of how early you want us to be. We time delivery to your exact specifications.

Better yet, we continually search for ways to save you money. Our shipping strategies focus on your needs, giving you the ability to track mail from pre-press to delivery and empowering you with options to reinforce direct mail with electronic mail and other messages. We also provide response analytics, so you can measure the effectiveness of your direct mail program.