Why We Rock

We don't approach quality control like anyone else. We're Franklin. We see the big picture in a million little details. We see quality as a circle, and it's essential that the circle be unbroken. Think of a bicycle wheel with spokes radiating from hub to rim. Our direct mail depends upon intelligently designed spokes that support a continuous cycle of successful customer deliveries. Every day, we make the wheel stronger, faster and safer.

Let's examine the spokes that make franklin a revolutionary solution for anyone who mails to their customers:

Continuous Capacity

We build volume into our direct mail production not to rush things, but to flow small jobs beside big jobs, to move complex variable-data work beside straightforward pieces. Backlogs aren't us. More

Virtual Ticket

When a direct mail job reaches Franklin, we generate a job ticket to drive an intelligent process. Two items appear on a physical ticket: a unique client ID and a unique project number. All else — from data entries to printing instructions, shipping directions and checklists — is generated electronically. More

Perfect Proofing System

We plot accuracy checkpoints in a dynamic system guided by technology and human reasoning. Where it's plausible to automate, we do. Consider this: Upon receiving your direct mail job, we manage thousands of names and addresses, select the proper postal forms for the job and generate shipping labels without a single human hand directly touching the project. More

Mail Piece Tracking

We pride ourselves on providing relevant updates about your direct mail job. We not only want you to be pleased with the outcome, we want you to be informed along the way. We don't think of your work as just another job, we think of your work as our work—a true partnership. More