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FranklinFast Envelope

There's Ferrari-fast,

and then there's FranklinFast.

Franklin's philosophy is grounded in common sense and uncommon smarts. We think it's wise to do a little legwork up front. We apply brainpower from our industry-leading programming team and build templates that allow you to upload similar jobs over and over, with automated programs mating the proper pieces of direct mail to your precise customers in a virtually infinite number of correctly mailed permutations.

We take labor, mistakes, costs and crashes out of the formula. In a word, that's FranklinFast.

Take the case of a major financial services firm. The bank had become frustrated with another direct mail vendor who received customer data on Wednesdays and couldn't provide proofs until the following Monday. (FranklinFast can do that in minutes.) The vendor also couldn't retrieve loan and CD rates across all 50 states and insert them correctly in customer mail. (FranklinFast does that.) Nor could the vendor match letter shells consistently with the right printing colors and variable-data information. (FranklinFast does.) The vendor also sent empty envelopes and envelopes with multiple customer letters to a single recipient. (Yikes! FranklinFast never does that.)

You can probably guess the rest of the story. The bank managers came to us, and we built a FranklinFast workflow solution to meet their unique financial customer needs. We now receive data from the bank, and within 72 hours a custom-designed, flawlessly printed welcome letter is deposited into the customer's home mailbox. Every time.

If you have a repetitive direct mail job that requires uncommon intelligence and flawless execution, let us put you in the driver's seat with FranklinFast. It's quite a trip.