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CreativiD dimensional embellishment
Ready to Take Your Print and Mail to the Next Level?

An emerging trend in print marketing is sensory-enhancing applications that create a memorable experience for your target audience. With our CreativiD Dimensional Embellishment technology, we can create multi-level varnish and foil embellishments to give your marketing a "wow" factor that’s unforgettable.

A Difference you can FEEL!

Get better, lasting results with texture and dimension on almost any marketing collateral. We offer raised varnish of varying thickness to build texture your customers can feel. This tactile effect communicates your message with dimension, and with our digital gloss varnish, it can generate dramatic 3D results. Incorporating this technique into your marketing pieces lets your recipients interact with you in a new way - touch.

Our new digital hot foil solution gives stunning results without the need for additional films and dies. The 100% digital process creates a higher-end product and generates a more memorable piece with the option of personalization. Create a show-stopping experience with one or several of our foil colors.

Achieve more impactful personalization with a name in 3D varnish or highlight a variable offer with eye-catching foil. Combine both processes for a revolutionary experience that will make your customers take notice. With this new powerful finishing technique, we can "amp up" an existing print marketing channel or target a whole new one.

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